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Rose Affiliate

Join Rose Premium Group for free
in limited time

Step 1: Register an crypto exchange account under Rose affiliate.
Step 2: Once you’ve registered, complete the KYC then deposit a minimum of $100 into your account.
Step 3: Send your account UID, screenshot of the balance to @thanglk/@khanh for verification then get invitation to Premium group/channel.

If you already have a BYBIT account: transfer KYC from your existing account to the new account: TUTORIAL.

Member Benefits

Members with a trading volume exceeding $300K/month will receive a cashback based on trading fees. Details of the cashback Details of the cashback.

Premium Membership Maintenance Conditions

Maintain a monthly trading volume exceeding $50K.

Member Feedback

About Rose

Rose Crypto Channel is led by Rose, an accomplished crypto trader. Over the years, her success in transforming 0.1 BTC into an impressive amount has attracted a large following. Through her Telegram channel, Rose offers advanced trading strategies, technical analysis education, and presale investment opportunities. Her emphasis on community, education, and trading principles has empowered her followers, known as the Rose Family, to become self-reliant traders and make informed decisions in the crypto market.
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Trading & much more :

UNLOCK CRYPTO TRADING MASTERY with the Rose Premium Family and obtain access to the Rose Premium Academy for the greatest trading instruction available. The Rose Premium Academy is your guide to financial freedom and success in the ever-changing crypto ecosystem. Dive deep into blockchain insights, professionally evaluate markets, manage risk, and have access to a variety of strategies, pro insights, and live updates. Practice without fear. Evolve with confidence. Begin right away.
At Rose Premium Family, you may engage in deep conversations about blockchain subtleties, market dynamics, risk nuances, and share insights, tactics, and real-time updates. EMPOWER FEARLESSTRADING DISCUSSIONS. Improve your comprehension. Join the discussion now with the family and exchange broad ideas with full assistance.
Rose Premium Family offers special pre-content gems and ICO insights. DISCOVER HIDDEN GEMS , do rigorous research, and gain access to premium tactics, real-time updates, and vital ICO expertise. Develop wisdom via unique insights. Improve your crypto trip. Today, discover the remarkable.
Step into a world of extraordinary investing with Rose Premium Family, where a legacy of successful portfolios and richer families is cultivated. Gain access to Rose Ventures Capital, which pools funds for pre-sale investment in high-growth ICOs, IEOs, Exclusive OTC, Focused AMA, Preseed Deals, and more. Access unique insights, explore great opportunities, rely on professional analysis, strategies, and real-time updates, and build a portfolio of distinction. ELEVATE YOUR INVESTMENT JOURNEY. Begin your journey to prosperity today.